Saturday, January 12, 2013

blah blah blah i'm being too honest again.

i've been in this rut
and it's driving me nuts.
today i'm making decision to get out.
today i'm committing to change.

i can't expect my heart to magically transform overnight.
the change is in me.
it's up to me.
it always has been.

if i want to do something,
by george, 
i'm going to do it.
i'm going to ignore what people tell me i can and can't do.
it doesn't matter.
it never has.
i am capable of doing anything i set my mind to.

i can't wait for doubt to move out of my heart,
i have to kick him out.
it's time.
i can't let him keep winning like this.
he's beating my soul.
he's killing my spirit.

happiness is a choice.
it always has been.
i don't know how i forgot
but i'm grateful i remembered.


Jessica Wray said...

Doubt is an a** hole, for lack of a better term. Don't let people's cynicism put a shadow over your dreams because you're right, you can do whatever you set your mind to. You radiate awesomeness through the computer screen so I can only imagine it's ten fold in person.

In a word - get it girl.

Anonymous said...

oh girlyface. we are going through the same little slump. its so hard to beat the booty of the doubt monster, but i know you can get a pair of shin-kicker boots and kick the eff out of that lame-o. sending you all the good vibes, soul sister xoxox gossip girl.

Shaylynn, They Let Me Blog. said...

Read 1st Peter 5:8.

You are beautiful. You have such a light about you. Sometimes courage is so hard to come by, I understand. I am in a place in my life where change and the ability to do so is all in my hands and fear is crippling it, but I know.. I know beyond all reason where I need to put my trust.

Briss. I love you. You got this. And you "got" me.

Justin said...

You got this!!!!

Kelli Anderson said...


Ariel said...

We've got your back! You can do it! I know how you feel. January is rough!

Lauren Hall said...

I believe in you. SO so much. I seriously think you could do ANYTHING you wanted. I've always thought that.

Haylee said...

happiness is a choice.
it always has been.
i don't know how i forgot
but i'm grateful i remembered."

I love this so soo much. (Did you know that you're a poet and you didn't even know it?) Really though I needed to hear this. I forgot for a while too but I've recently remembered again and it feels so freaking good to come to that realization.
Well now here I am being too honest. Oh well, you rock and I wanted you to know it.

ayley said...

lyfe is hard. you are amazing. i liked this post. i needed it.