Thursday, November 8, 2012

dino ghost.

after watching amanda sing the world speechless,
cory said it was impossible 
to do that to your voice
every single day.
i set out to prove him wrong.
i started singing my highest of all "dream on's."
and by singing i really mean screeching.

his reaction:
a shoulder pat and the following comment, 
"i'm not sure if that was a dying ghost
or a constipated dinosaur."

my reaction:


Christianna said...

She is pretty much amazing! I was blown away by this, and that's really something coming from a person who has seen Aerosmith live twice.

megan danielle said...

constipated dinosaur!!! hahahahahaha i am laughing so hard right now!!!

Ellie Kornexl said...

damn, girl got pipes. also. every time you use the gif you make my day.

ashley. said...

sometimes i start laughing out loud while reading and my husbands asks what's so funny. so i tell him "just another blog."
but in reality i mean a freaking hilarious blog.
seriously. so awesome.

carla thorup said...

amanda is so freakin good. but it's kind of a battle of the blacks on the voice this season... because none of the whites can even keep up! f'reals.

maybe you were a constipated dino in the past life?

Krystal said...

oooo that was good! i love that i let people with good taste like you filter these things for me. and here is a video/song for you - excuse the swear words: (there is not a second of this vid that i don't love):

Ashley said...

Shoot! That girl can blow!

And apparently you can't :P