Friday, October 5, 2012

i believe in fall.

i believe in its air.
the temperature and smell that only exist
a few short months of the year.

i believe it its colors.
the oranges and reds and golden yellows
that drop with the wind and crunch under boots.

i believe in its smells.
the cinnamon and maple and pumpkin that seem to seep into
every corner of every room.

i believe in fall. 
in the magic it posses.
in its ability to make me feel alive.
in the power it has to inspire change.

i believe in fall
and this year,
i think fall believes in me too. 


carla thorup said...


i'm with you on this fall thing.

Jessica Wray said...

beautifull said! this fall has really made me feel alive as well! I also really like being cozy... I l like it a lot.

Kari said...

Perfection. You are some sort of brilliant.

Dearest Lou said...

Well said my dear (: When are you and your man having babies? haha (;

Alex said...

This is beautiful! Love this post :)

Shaylynn, They Let Me Blog. said...

i believe fall does not exist in southern utah.

Mars said...

Fall does not exist in Arizona but growing up & living in CO for 20 years of my life, I CRAVE it. AZ you disappoint but I'll take temps lower than 80-90 in exchange. Now I must go find me some fall scented candles & hand soap to fill the void.