Thursday, September 20, 2012

and so the slippery slope begins.

wednesday's are good days.
my office is closed so i don't have to work
and cory comes home for lunch.
yesterday he came in, closed the door and just looked at me.
after three seconds of silence, 
the following conversation took place:

cory: i hate you a little bit.
brissa: what? why?!
cory: there was a commercial on 103.5 so i switched it over to 107.9
and there was some pop song playing and it was kind of catchy and i liked it a little.
brissa: what song? that's why you hate me? why?
cory: because now i'm hating pop less and less.

i made him listen to "the song"
 three times in an attempt to cleanse his system.
"you're my son and i'm your dad and i just caught you smoking.
i'm going to make you smoke the whole pack
and make you wish you never started."

it didn't work.
i caught him bobbing and making dancing faces
while i made his sandwich.
i'm afraid it's too late.

in other news,
i still want a puppy.
maybe this little guy.


Ellie Kornexl said...

That dog is the cutest thing I have ever seen.

Krystal said...

PLEASE get 10 of those dogs. omg.

Christina Craven said...

Cute puppy. :) Almost as cute as mine.

Jessica Wray said...

um, those eyes?! and I lol'd at your father teaching son lesson strategy.

Shaylynn... I blahwg It's True. said...

you and yer puppy craving.

megan danielle said...

that is the kind of dog i want to get one day, when i grow up...this whole "no pets allowed" in the apartments at school is killing me.

Kari said...

You are the best wife and therefore deserve that puppy. Or five.

Alex said...

Puppy puppy puppy!