Tuesday, August 21, 2012

wiiknd: i like playing house with you

multiple visits.
lunch = pb&j + seinfeld.
costco stock up.
blanket fort.
movie fail.
fresh black berried + whipped cream heaven.

lucky charms at noon.
two carts at target.
swag stress.
dinner and a seinfeld.
bb+b plan of attack.
homemade guacamole.
dorm life.
soul secrets.

one egg wonder.
running late.
new ward nerves.
sweet neighbors.
cutest little baby.
couches officially in.
staple gun injury.
ox in the mire.
dressing + first aid supplies.
no more goodbyes.


from head 2 toe said...

The last line of that is the BEST! Not having to say "bye" at the end of the night is SUUUCH a luxury!

Mandy said...

This is seriously the best thing ever. No more goodbyes and your first little while being married. It is awesome. And it really only gets more fun. So happy for you! and p.s. you look gorg in your wedding pics last post.

Elisha said...

berries + whipped cream sounds good.


Anonymous said...

ah! you are speaking my language with the pb and j's and seinfeld. this made me all giddy for you and your new life.

kylee said...

no more goodbyes.
best part of this entire post!