Wednesday, March 21, 2012


i looked like a high school version of myself.
natural hair.
hardly any makeup.
black v-neck.
blue jacket.
in honor of my flashback,
i documented the event and edited it hi-skewl style.
you know,
cranking up the highlight levels until your face is white 
and the background practically disappears.
i was also a big fan of the
saturation movement of 07.
what a fool i was.
my face is either white or orange
in all my pictures from 2005-2007.
and my gum is visible in nearly 97% of all shots.

i miss myspace.
those were the days when 
crappy photoshop was not only accepted,
but worshiped.
r.i.p white/orange face days, r.i.p. 


Kelli Anderson said...

guuurl! you said it so well. the saturation movement of 07. i literally look back and cringe at all of my photos taken during that time. and the gum showing hahaha why????? also the white or orange. everything about this post i can relate to. bring back myspace!!!!

Elisha(: said...

aahhh I love thus post. <3

Ellie Kornexl said...

it is sad how all of our highschool photos (our being a broad term) are ruined by crappy editing and the lack of foresight when I didn't save original files. natch.

carla thorup said...

no no. no one actually misses myspace.

Hilary said...

me gusta brissa natural hair.

mackenzie said...

true story: i'd give my left arm to get all of my myspace pictures back. i think it would be a valuable lesson for my kids to not do the sweeping side bang. EVER.

Mars said...

Haha this is awesome! Man, myspace days seem so long ago but yet they really weren't. I wish I still had my myspace so I could go back and see what pictures I had on there haha.

Ashley said...


"you know,
cranking up the highlight levels until your face is white
and the background practically disappears."

SO FUNNY because it's SO TRUE!!

Shaylynn... I BLAHWG. said...

This is a true story, I NEVER HAD A MYSPACE.

I think if you did you're destined to become a porn star. good luck with that.

Alexandria said...

How did you get so adorable? Furrealz though.

Wander.Lust said...

hilarious post! you have a great blog xoxo