Thursday, March 15, 2012

viva le sunshine.

last friday, 
the sun was shining and i was happy.
spring was in the air.
i chose to celebrate by wearing as many colors as possible.
i wanted to look as bright as my soul felt.
teal cardigan + bird tank + purple pants
when i visited kay at work,
she looked me up and down and said,
"mmm...did you bring your black pants?"
i told her i didn't
and asked if she thought it was too much.
"it's just....really....colorful."
i smiled. 
that was just the answer i was looking for.

so if you see a crazy lady on the street,
wearing three different colors
and smiling like a fool,
don't hate.
it's just me,
celebrating the beginning of spring
and the promise of summer.


Elisha(: said...

I LOVE your shirt. :)

Ashley said...

You CANNOT go wrong with purple pants. Shine on, my friend :)

Jessica Wray said...

love the birds! where are they from?


Julia said...

just like everybody before me: i love the birds :)

miki said...

SPRING! I love it. I wore BRIGHT green&pink today, so I am right there with ya!

Christianna said...

You brave soul! I wear tons of color all the time too! Though not today. Today I'm only wearing black, cream and blue. But that's ok too! I'm loving that bird shirt!

P.S. Come enter my giveaway!

Be one with the Fro said...

so I want your outfit. too cute :)

Anonymous said...

u ar mah fave. seriously. in high school, i prided myself on how many colors i could put in one outfit. i once had the whole rainbow!!! u are the preciousness. dress me plz?

Mars said...

So cute!! I'm all about color. But more importantly-shirts with birds on them. I own one too many and almost bought another one the other day. I can't help it. I also have a shirt with elephants on it.I just realized I have one too many shirts with animals on them...I'm totally diggin' the purple pants with it all though. Good choice!

Crystle said...

You need your own theme music!

Bri said...

no no crazy lady here....more like awesome lady! :)

kandice said...

awe! this post is freaking cute.

the best.