Thursday, February 16, 2012

this is my life.

i live at my desk.
study. read. hydrate. procrastinate. eat. paint nails.

i'm in my final semester and for some reason,
i thought i'd actually start doing my assigned readings.
it's ridiculous. 

being studious suxx.
feeling smart/actually learning roxx.


amy b.s. said...

sounds like my work routine! well, minus the studying. and painting my nails!

Christianna said...

Sounds like fun! I mean other than the studying part! But, I guess that's a good thing too, right?

Jessica Wray said...

oh I've been there, sister. keep on truckin' through

Anna said...

SO JELLY THAT YOU'RE ALMOST DONE. Holy cow. That is sooo nutzo. And I really am way jealous. Good for you.

Janette said...

I love you Brissa! Wish I could be studying with you and or throwing paper wads at your head...haha! I really do like studying and homework..I miss it! Gonna find some math problems to do online..I am! For real!

Janette, the Jongleur

Anonymous said...

Welcome to my life! Except I'm not in my final semester...

McKenzie King said...

there is light at the end of the tunnel! i am so incredibly jealous that you are almost done. you go gurl. get your study on!

Kae said...

didn't you know the only guy who ever did all his assigned reading died?!? that's what I heard anyways.

Shaylynn... Bloggin Fool. said...

oh those triple combos, they're something else.

I approve of the music.

The apple.

I'm still on the fence about water.

When i saw eat.paint.. I thought wait, eat paint? Then I thought of Tommy Boy, & eating paint chips. and how much I miss Chris Farley. Did you know it's his birthday today? Did you?

I totally love you.

mandyface said...

Final semester?? Way to go chap!

Mars said...

I envy you! I'm on the 10 year plan for school haha. Good luck, there IS light at the end of the tunnel!!

meme-and-he said...

arghhh so sorry :( the weekend is almost here!

twiggy@thedirtlife said...

ha!! love your comment message to us. robot hunting. classic.

do you ever watch that show, 'finding bigfoot'? i'm suddenly picturing you loving it.

good luck on all the studying. i remember those days!

Alexandria said...

Definitely don't miss any of this. Sorry yo. But you're amazing so clearly you're going to do so baller in your last semester ;)

Niina - It seems pretty obvious. said...

The sad thing is, you're going to miss it! I know you don't believe it now! But I really miss studying looking at these pictures :)

Elsha.Rae said...

i envy everyone that is almost done! you are one lucky lucky gal!
love this post by the way
elsha rae.