Monday, January 23, 2012

the eggmcmuffin of weekends

poster tape.
firehouse subs.
awkward encounter.
purple hoodie.
the gods must be crazy ii.
pumped up kicks.

saturday morning errands: spandex edition.
cleaning checks.
interrogation station.
outfit change x 4.
cheap hair snips and free shoulder rubs.
kourtney and kim take new york.
snow driving.
the attack and defense of grey's anatomy.
storage wars.

pancake breakfast.
blind texting.
dictated texting.
lebron = kevron. 
death cab. plans. repeat.
hallway echos. 


Elisha(: said...

<3 (:

ellie said...

my boss was trying to talk to me about ridiculousness this morning and I had to admit that I don't watch MTV. it was awkward.

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

ha, you are too hilarious girl. and i love those egg mcmuffin commercials! :)
xo TJ

Shaylynn... Red Lipstick and Melodies said...

I can't quit Grey's. Why! Why! Why! Defense, go.

McKenzie King said...

honey badger!! hilarious.

rob dyrdek? even bettah.

this is fantastic.

kylee said...

firehouse subs. i've been meaning to try that place. worth it? coldstone. that's all this list needed really. best place in the world. pumped up kick is stil such a good song. i don't care how popular it is or how often it's on the radio, i still love it and totally want to go to that concert this year. i pray that you were on the deffense team for grey's. i love that show.

mandyface said...


Christianna said...

Fun fun fun!

meg said...

I love The Perks of Being a Wallflower and the honey badger video. Both so good.

Jessica Wray said...

hehe the honey badger... soo funny

Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said...

PANCAKE BREAKFAST! RAHHHHHH! (see today's post and understand...)

Ashley said...

Death Cab PLANS...YESSSSS. One of the best!