Thursday, July 14, 2011

t.minus. 14:22:31

!!!!!!it's here!!!!!!
seeing as how today is the final day,
i've decided to go a little overboard.
and by a little i mean a lot.
like seven posts.
yes it may seem a little excessive,
but if voldemort can make seven horcruxes,
i'm pretty sure i can write seven posts.
***please note***
no lives will be lost/taken/destroyed in the making of these posts. 

i'm sure you've seen this floating around,
but i wanted to save it for the end.
it took all i had not to post it on the first day.
but i saw it fitting seeing as how it's technically coming out on friday
and other than prime day, this is the best parody i've seen.


carla thorup said...

please keep the HP magic coming.

kylee said...

i usually try to stay away from the hp parody videos because i love it so much i don't find them funny but oh my gosh. voldemort voldemort sucks had me dying of laughter. funniest thing everrr! i had to rewind it i thought it was that funny. and now for some parsel tongue. HILARIOUS. and then the dancing in the end? brissa. you may have just converted me to parody movies because that was great in so many ways.

katrina said...

dobby, bahahahahahah this is the best thing ever.

Nicole said...

youre welcome!

jessie said...

that is genius.