Thursday, July 14, 2011

t-minus 5:04:13

that's it.
i'm done.
it's time.
excuse me while i cry. 


The Many Colours of Happiness said...

I know what you mean, I feel like someone punched my childhood in the face :(

Weird analogy I know, but I'm quite distraught right now!

Dale said...

Just found your blog, cute post. I've been seeing so much about Harry Potter the past couple days. I'm not gonna camp out but I may have to go see it this weekend.

Following u :)


ellie said...

They've grown so much. I will miss them.

Karolina said...

Thank you dear for the sweetest comment and support. I am trying for it to be ok.
And I will miss them too. Like an era ending, right?


communikate. said...

i need to finish the books and movies and then maybe i'll understand the love and tears.


Kym said...

i wish i actually got into the series when it first started! now i don't even know whats going on and it wouldn't make sense for me to watch this last movie!!! i guess it's not too late to start :P

Constantia Timotheou said...

ahh :/ this is too sad! Not ready for it to finish! :'( Could you follow my blog? xx

Carrie Ann said...

holy mother of all that is beautiful. Ron Weasly, come to me NOW!