Thursday, July 14, 2011

t-minus 10:40:27

his american is too good. i think he's faking the british.
he did better than i thought he would.
ooooh rupert, bless his little ginger heart, he tried so hard. 

"i'll bring the brrrrrrreewwww..."

if you felt out of the loop when they mentioned part one,
watch this and get in the loop. 


Krystal said...

haha his "american" :) actually i've said that on accident before!

Drea said...

You've educated me.
I want to marry Tom.
I really really think he's sexable.

kylee said...

ronald i love you. and neville? whattheee. i usually see the pictures everyone rants & raves about and i can't quite agree. changed my mind. he looked great in this video.

lauren said...

why is neville just being unleashed on the world? I dont understand how all of a sudden he is hot? but I sure do like it.

krista lee said...

this. is. AWESOME.

McKinley {Haolepinos} said...

hahahaaha I loved that!!! The best part is Robert Patterson was actually in a HP movie and Tom only knows him from Twilight ahhaah