Monday, May 23, 2011

sometimes i take pictures of myself at work.
during these photoshoots i give myself directions to make certain faces.
i believe in this one i told myself {in a french accent}
to look frightened. 
it must have been my psychic senses 
warning me to be ready because
as soon as i snapped this picture,
boss lady walked by.
if only i had listened to my senses and 
paused the photoshoot.
instead, my brain told me it would
be smooth to play it off like i was texting.
causing me to look overly 
pensive about the 160 characters i was typing. 

speaking of awesome skillz, 
i got {another} free month of netflix
and started watching psych.
so far so good.


Karolina said...

Oh lol what don't peaple do at work when they don't have a ton of things to do for five seconds
! You look cute


Hilary Mae said...

I do this at work aaaaaaall the time. My boss lady takes pictures with me. lol

Renée said...

hihi so fun! xo

Kathrine said...

:)))))) You are something else!

Well us women , we are multitasking! ;)

As far as my post is concerned, there are a bazzilion reasons you should visit Greece! :)

Fresh Out said...

I used to try to floss at my desk without getting caught. Just for the thrill of it! :)


Shannon June Ballard said...

psych may be one of the best things ever given to us by the netflix gods! I hope you find the same addiction I have.

Kate said...

You have such an adorable blog! Following you :) xo.

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

You're so cute! (& I do care to go robot hunting) x hivenn

Natasha Louise said...

HAHA! Funnny! you look cute though!

Carrie Ann said...

psych=BEST SHOW EVER! keep watching. it only gets better.