Tuesday, April 5, 2011

necessary overload.

one of my good friends brought this to my attention.
just thinking about it genuinely makes my heart ache.
how can people in today's world be so ignorant and inconsiderate?
every comment i read makes me more infuriated.
here is her portion of our conversation.
so every year we have a spirit bowl

where the sophomores wear red juniors wear white and seniors wear black.
so some kid wore a kkk outfit and 
yelled "white power" and ran through the assembly.
one of the black kids got pissed
because the kkk kid was getting a slap on the wrist.
he was back in class like an hour later
making fun of the black kid.
so he wrote a blog but tons of alta students think it's dumb that he's mad

and to just take it as a joke.
i mean some of my friends that have graudate friends are talking about it now.
but it seems like the ONLY kids that are bugged about it are the brown kids
which make up 1% of the student population.
everyone else keeps saying to get over it
it's so stupid
like seriously i don't know how you can just say it doesn't matter
there are pictures of burning crosses circulating around the school now.
people keep telling him that he's blowing it out of proportion 
but I liked what this one chick said as far as larz “blowing it out of proportion”,
what exactly was he supposed to do?
sit there and take it? 
several people mentioned being able to take care of it behind closed doors with the administration. 
as i understand it, the administration DID speak to the student involved,
and then released him back to class with no repercussions.
at that point there was much laughing over the incident
and even subsequent facebook posts about how funny it was. 
those are the things that prompted further action from larz and his family.
when my little brother told me that this kid ran out with a kkk hood 
my first thought was "someone punched him right"
but no, they all cheered him on.
other than one or two people the ONLY people from Alta who care about it are non white people
if one of the sophomores wore a "bloods" outfit and were all about red pride
that kid would have been kicked out so quickly.
this is what one of the star football players from my class said
"it didn't really exist before this "incident". 
it's just a kid crying for attention... and he got it."
when talking about racism at the school
it just frustrates me
like how can people really feel this way
getting mad at the black kid?
most everyone from where I live is just mad at him
and saying that he is just trying to get fame and fortune
are you kidding me?
that's just standing up for something that is right
if he hadn't done it in the first place nothing would have happened

what really makes me mad
is that because i'm brown it's like
"well of course you're mad cuz you're brown"
but I believe that 
everyone should be mad about it.
it's a serious issue.
we are supposed to be the changed generation.
the generation who accepts everyone regardless of color.
it makes me sick to think how ignorant
people in this day and age are.


Bonnie said...

This crap is the reason I need a punching bag in my house.
Anger problems arise from other people's stupidity.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Cecilia Warner said...

gee this makes me mad >-<
i agree that this is a serious issue!

katrina said...

im so appalled.

Kelli Anderson said...

i did a long epic comment on this post and i think blogger deleted. oh well. let it suffice that this is the stupidest thing ever and disturbs me. i'm embarrassed for the administration of that school.