Friday, April 1, 2011

just a reminder.

if any of your friends are...
going drag.
got a record contract.
going back to myspace.*
it's fake.april fools.remember?
oh, and you're welcome.

sidenote: and if any of those circumstance are true for your friends, please accept this as my sincerest apology and wish them the best of luck on my behalf.

* i kid you not. one of my friends posted this as his status. "is going back to myspace. say goodbye facebook, i'm gone." this is obviously an april fool because who in their right mind would choose to go back to myspace after being involved in zuckerlandia for so long? i mean rrreeaallllyyy.....myspace??


Natasha Louise said...

haaaaaaaa! You're so funny!

Thanks so much for the comment on my blog!! I actually haven't been blogging all that long, and I'm only really in the last month or so deciding I really want to blog, properly! So glad to have the compliments, so thanks again!!

Marcus said...

You believed it for a second.

Marcus said...

Also, I would like to submit that I never claimed to be "in my right mind."