Wednesday, February 16, 2011

skies so blue

the sun is shining.
it's warming my face and making me smile.
on days like this the only thing i want to do.
drive my car and BLAST the following goodness from my speakers
i kid you not, this is the best album for summer.
it's catchy, bumpy and happy.
you can't help but sing at the top of your lungs 
and whip your hurr back and forth.
bryce knows how to do it.


katrina said...


AE Jones said...

Ooh!! Yay! Thanks for the recommendation! LOVE new tunes.

beth said...

I can't believe you included a line of the worst/most annoying song ever while talking about the best/happiest/dancingest music ever. I hope Bryce never finds out or he might disown you from the BP. (I would say I would do the disowning, but you know I could never really do that. And Bryce wouldn't either, he's too nice. Welcome back to the BP.)

But I still love you BP. And (y)our choice of great music.

Love always,