Tuesday, February 15, 2011

is...is that an aorta?!

at fhe jess and i dominated all the minute to win it activities
especially the one involving hip thrusting.
i received multiple "demanding" texts/telephone calls 
ordering us to ditch fhe for olive garden.
we went to dinner with boys who looked like little kids on a baseball team
{blue shirt with a red & white hat and a hoodie with a hat.}
instead of waiting an hour for olive garden,
 decided to wait an hour for sushi.
happy sumo + corner booth + closed curtain
made for some epic dance moves and hilarious stories.
extreme laughter resulted from jess's first sushi experience.
dance party/lip-syncing in the car.
back at le tigre,
a mini-marathon of the o.c. took place.
{i went from a semi-virgin to a full on addict of the show}
jess+ brissa + rob + frazier = the most epic combination of friends ever.
if only bethie had been there.
but we all know how she feels about the whole raw fish thing...

i've said it before and i'll say it again,
i have the coolest friends ever. 

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