Wednesday, February 23, 2011

confession session

after posting my comment about jesse "sometimes sexy face" mccartney,
i had a little trip down memory lane.
you see, i used to think jesse was a freako. a nerd. a goober.
but those were  back in the old days.
back in the dreamstreet days.

 back in junior high it was all about chris.
he was the hott one, the sexy pants.
he had the hair, the skater shoes and the bad boy persona.
i should have seen it.
the signs were all there.
i should have seen his pretty-boy-has-been future.

i should have known jesse was destined to be the star.
did you hear his little pre-pubescent pipes belting out those tunes?
seriously, that boy got more camera action than lindsay lohan on a perp walk.
you know jesse wrote bleeding love, right?
he just decided it would be better sung by leona the lion.
listen to his vocal chords sing his soul.
mmmm baby.

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Cassidy said...

I STILL listen to dream street! Glad you linked back to this blog post in your guest blogging today. You are soooo great!