Tuesday, January 11, 2011

confession session.

 the cable in our house sucks.
we are devoid of all the good channels, i.e.
the only "good" tv we have besides network stations is the style network.
i consider this both a trial and a blessing.
trial because i can't watch wizards or jersey shore in real {read tv} time.
blessing because i'm now hooked on another jersey show.
it's about a hair salon {the gatsby} in jersey 
and all the drama inside it.
trust me, it's magic.
love: olivia and gigi
hate: tracy, alexa and freaking doria.
doria is the newest addition and  the most annoying person i've ever met seen.
don't believe me?
shame on you.
check out what the kids at yahoo!answers had to say.
aand here's a video for added proof.

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