Wednesday, April 28, 2010

drama. drama. drama.

last night was the premier of the final season of the hills.
mylanta.  that's all i have to say.
that and i feel bad for heidi and her face.
she can't even cry like a normal person anymore because of all the work she's had done!
it's actually quite sad.
and i don't even know what to think anymore regarding kristin and all that shizz.
yes, she's a catty little snake but lo, audrina and stephanie were such idiots.
come on ladies!! if you're going to talk crap about somebody at least wait until you're not in the same hotel room!!
so right now i'm on team heidi and kristin.

also. i can't believe i wasted an entire blog on the hills.

sidenote:  the city is a billion times better.  seriously.  it's business drama in better clothes.


Bianca said...

Can we please have a Hills party every tuesday night!? I didn't know that you watched it! We can make treats and make fun of all of the drama!!

Brissa said...

ohmygoodnessyes! that would be so much fun. every tuesday night at eleven. you+me+drama=party!