Monday, March 8, 2010

chili sauce.

i got to spend the entire day {from 4 pm until forever} with my bee.eff.eff. khyrie.

{that's her, in case you were wondering}

 we got chicken mcnuggets so she could show me how "amazing"
the sweet/spicy {whatever} chili sauce was.
my thoughts = meh. nothing special.
but the mcnuggies?
a billion times better than wendy's.
just sayin...
we also rocked out to some radio muzak.
made some videos of said rocking out.
we had a fotoshoot of sorts outside of the library.
we laughed.
a lot.
we talked even more.
sometimes it's like we share the same brain.
and mostly, we just had a grand ole time.
i shall now enrich your life with a few of my favorito fotitos.

we like to call this the "skinny face"
check out dem stunna shades.
representin' the steps yo.
imma straight up g.

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